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A few of our exciting garden plants

Goods only available in New Zealand
Monarch Crassula grasses Hydrangea grasses
Monarch butterfly plants Crassula - money plant Grass selection Hydrangea Trophy Metrosiderous Fulgens Gold
Eremophila nivea Sedum Polygala Dazzler Scabiosa Ophiopogon
Eremophila nivea Sedum Gold Mound Polygala Dazzler Scabiosa Blue butterfly Ophiopogon Black Dragon
Bacopa Euryops Helebore Metrosiderous vibrance Phormium Merlot
Bacopa Blizzard Euryops Little sunray
Helebore Thoroughbred Metrosiderous Vibrance Phormium Merlot

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Thanks to Liddle Wonder for the pictures of their plants
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