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Pear trees

Packhams triumph - Mid season, Super all purpose, large fruit, good keeper

Winter cole - late season, keeps well for winter eating,

Doyenne du comice - Early season, Pale green yellowskin very sweet and juicy, a delicious pear. Good cropper.

Louise bon jersey -Early ,Large red bronze over red skin, white flesh

Starks crimson - Late season, Red pear, high juice and sweet,

Seckle dwarf - Mid season,Very sweet melt in the mouth fragrant flesh. Smallish pinky brown turning green.

Winter Nellis Dwarf - Late season, Small light russet skin, Smooth sweet and juicy, long keeping

Red Barlett dwarf - Early season, Sweet melting white flesh, wine purple skin,

Beurr Hardy - Mid season,medium to large elongated, skin heavily russeted brown on yellow background, Juicy and very sweet

Beurr Bosc - Early season, All purpose, large brown fruit,good flavour,

Conference - Mid season, Medium sized fruit with long narrow neck, juicy, mid-season, skin russet spots over green. Dessert

William bon Cretian - Early season,Large ovate pale green at picking ,firm flesh, juicy and sweet. Keeps well.

Keiffers hybrid - Mid season, A cross between European and asian pear, Medium size, fresh or cooked. Medium size fruit, easy to grow and Hardy

Ya Li - Fruit green-yellow smooth skin shaped like an apple. Flesh juicy, white and crisp with a mildly sweet slightly tart taste. Stores well

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