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Nut trees -
(varieties we stock or can source when available)


IXL -Large oval broad-based sweetly flavoured paper-shell nuts on a neat upright rounded tree - a consistent cropper

403 - Large, soft-shelled variety, prolific bearing with sweet, mild flavoured nuts. Long flowering period makes it a good pollinator

Burbank -Soft shelled, medium sized sweet nuts.

402 - Large soft shells, early prolific producer. Flowers for a extended period.

Fabrin - A prolofic producer, soft shells, mild flavour.


Wilsons wonder seedlings Info to come

Dublins glory - NZ selection prolific bearing of medium to large nuts on s smaller tree

Meyric - Soft shelled, medium sized sweet nuts.

REX - NZ tree crops selction. Samll nuts. Performing well in many parts of the country. Compact grower.

Vina - USA selection, strong flavoured nut popular in cooking. Smaller tree but heavy cropper.

Pecan - cold hardy

Giles - info to come

Colby - Info to come

Hirschi -Info to come.

Peruque - Info to come.


Alexandra - Info to come

Whispit - Info to come

Whiteheart -Info to come.

Barcelona - Info to come.


Pinenut - Info to come


Gervina - Info to come

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