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Fillery - February, Sweet golden flesh, freestone, Skin red over green, regular cropper.

Mayfire - jan -feb, Small medium ovate bright orange red skin, firm yellow flesh, some resistance to disease.

Fantasia -late season, medium to large fruit, dark red over yellow, flesh yellow, freestone, low chill, good in small gardens.

Kaitaia - Mid season, Heirloom, medium to large,green skin darkening ro burgundy red, flesh white sweet and juicy. freestone.

Red Diamond - Mid season, large fruit, skin red blush over yellow, flesh yellow, firm, juicy, midly acidic,semi-freestone.

Goldmine - Self fertile, Mid season, medium size, greenish white blushed red skin, White juicy freestone fruit, Low chill, Dessert fruit with sweet flavour.

Garden delight - Dwarf mid season, Yellow skin blushed red, firm yellow flesh, freestone.

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