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Apricot trees

Trevatt - Large round pale fruit, flesh orange, juicy, firm, good flavour, ripens early.Self fertile.

Sundrop - Early, yellow skinned, ripens before xmas, good flavour, no cracking, trevatt for pollination.

Royal Rosa - Early, yellow skinned, red blush, gold flesh, tasty and firm, good flavour, compact tree, Sundrop for pollination.

Trevatt - mid to late, golden yellow fruit, tasty and firm, good flavour, Self fertile.

Newcastle -Early, large crops round reddish medium size sweet fruit, hardy. low chill and freestone.

Fitzroy - Medium, golden fruit, ripens february, Consistent cropper, heavy bearing, Self fertile.

Moorpark - Mid to late, large smooth fuzz less, deep yellow skin with orange blush, firm and sweet, dessert or cooking. Self fertile, freestone.

Clutha late - Late, medium size orange fruit, sweet, juicy, melting flesh. Self fertile, good in clold winter climates.

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