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Apple Trees New & Old fashioned

Braeburn - Mid season, sweet and tangy,Striped red, green background ,heavy producer. Pollinators other apples

Ballarat - Late season, Large green with red blush. Creamy whote flesh. Fruit stores well. Excellent cooker, pollinator - other apples.

Beauty of bath -Large fruit, yellow skin, flushed red, acid flavour. (Heirloom) Pollinators - Egremont russet; Gravenstein

Bledisloe cox - Mid season, Dessert, Skin yellow, stripped red and orange, Heavy crop, best of the coxes. Pollinators other apples

Bramley's seedling - Mid season, Large fruit, flattish shape, greenish yellow, stripped and flushed with red tones. Flesh firm and light yellow. Pollinators Tydemans late orange & orange cox.

Broxwood foxwelp - Cider apple Little known at this time.

Chisel Jersey - late season, full bitter sweet, juice very tannic. Pollinators other apples

Coxs orange green meadows - Early season, Sharp and tangy, red stripe over green. Pollinators other apples

Captain kidd kay - Mid season, Fruit streaked red, sweet, juicy,very good flavour., reliable cropper, Pollinators other apples

Golden delicious - late season, Juicy, sweet, honeyed, medium sized, clear yellow, highly productive, good fresh or cooking. Pollinators other apples

Golden winter permain - Mid medium sized, golden skin,orange streaked with red, Flesh yellowish and firm,sweet and aromatic. Pollinators other apples

Granny Smith - late season, Large green ,frim and crisp, Good white flesh, bakeing, sauce, eat it or juiceit. Pollinators other apples

Golden Pippin - Mid-late season, Medium size golden skin, white flesh, crisp and white, sweet and juicy, rich flavour. Pollinators other apples

Boskoop rouge - Sweet, firm, slight acid,culinary and eating, flesh pale cream tinged green, slightly sweet. Tip bearer, Pollinators other apples

Cortland - Late season,Large fruit, flat to convex, pale yellow skin dull carmine flush, White flesh,firm and crisp, sweet Pollinators other apples

Dayton - Mid season, medium size, red skin with crisp flesh, spicy midly tart flavour. Very disease free.Pollinators other apples

Democrat - Late season, Medium size, greenish yellow coveredwith carmine red flush, flrsh firm, greenish whiteand slighlty acid. Pollinators other apples

Discovery - Early season, Light red flushed over green, crisp, sweet, firm, slightly chewy.

Egremont russet - Mid season,Medium size, yellow skin golden brown flush, flesh firm, creamy tinged green with sweet aromatic flavour.

Fairbelle - Late season, Large apple, green skin heavily overlaid red.

Gewurzluiken - Early season,medium large fruit, flattish shape, greenish yellow skin with orange flush and red stripes, firm greenish white flesh, firm, sweet and acid.

Gravenstein (trip) - Early season,medium to large fruit,greenish yellow skin with orange red stripes, creamy yellow flesh, juicy, crisp fine textured flesh with slightly acidic flesh.

Hawkes bay red delicious - More info to come

Irish Peach (tb) - Early season,Early green with faint red stripes, very tasty, best fresh from the tree.

Jonagold - Mid season,Large fruit,very productive,very sweet, yellow background with orange red blush. Firm and juicy.

Keswick codlin - Early season,Yellow skin with faint flush of red. Flesh soft, pale yellow, tart and fruit large. Heavy cropper

Kidds orange red - Mid season,Dessert apple, medium to large. Orange skin streaked red, tasty rich and heavy cropper.

Laxtons favourite - Early season, Round medium size, yellow red with creamy white tender but firm flesh. Sweet scent and rich flavour. Small tree.

Lobo - Large flat apple, pale yellow flushed deep red skin, mild flavour. Good stewing and pies.

Lord wolseley - Mid season,large flat conical, slighlty ribbed, yellow flushed brownish red. Crisp greenish white flesh slighlty acid.

Mertons russet - Late season,Mertons russet

Mertons russet - Mid season,large cooking apple, palegreen skin, flesh firm, fine and very white tinged green and slighlty acid. Good keeper.

Monroes favourite - Late season, Large pale yellow skin flushed pink. Flesh crisp,hard white, sweet with slight acid flavour

Northern spy - Northern spy

Monroes favourite - Late season, Large pale yellow skin flushed pink. Flesh crisp,hard white, sweet with slight acid flavour

Northern spy - Mid season,Yellow background covered with bright red splashes, Excellent flavour, crisp and juicy, cooking and fresh. Compact habit.

Priscilla - Mid season, Dark red skin, sweet and juicy, some blackspot resistance.

Rall'sJanet - Late season, Rall'sJanet

Red Delicious - Mid season,Red Delicious

Red gravenstien - Early season, medium to large, red striped, flesh crispand juicy.

Ribston Pippin - Late season,medium size flattened, skin yellow flushed orange streaked red.Some base russet, flesh fine firm and yellowish In colour. Firm,crisp

Stayman's Winesap - Late season, Kansas 1866, Seedling of winesap,Dark red skin,yellow flesh,tender, juicy, rich wine spice flavour.

Rome beauty (tb) - Late season, Red over yellow base, large fruit, flesh pale yellow, crisp, juicy, sweet. Best for cooking.

Surprise - Late season, Large round conical lemon-yellow with brownish red flush. Flesh is juicy,tender,slightly yellowand sweet. Stores well.

Telstar - Mid season, Medium to large, flattish shape, Rough skin pale greenish yellow flushed orange red, flesh firm creamy yellow tinged green ,very sweet and slighlty acid.

Washington - Early season, Large fruit conical shape pale greenish yellow skin, white flesh,tender, crisp and sweet.

Winter Banana - late season, Excellent pollinator, fruit large, pale yellow, with a rose blush, Crisp, juicy, coarse and aromatic, good sugar acid balance.

Splendour - Mid season Large pinky red apple, crisp,crunchy white flesh, sweet, good flavour.

Sturmer - Late season, Dessert apple, medium size, flattened, yellowish green with a bronzeblush. Crisp, juicy, acidic.

Tom Putt ( Ciderapple) - Early season,Bitter sweet apple, dual purpose, mild sharp flavour

Worchester permain (tb) - Mid season,bright red over green, sweet with good flavour, crisp white flesh, crops heavily and reliabily.

Kingston black (cider apple) - Cider apple, bitter sharp very distinctive.

Royal Gala - Early season, Medium fruit, bright crimson skin. Sweet, crisp, dessert apple. Bears young.

Golden delicious - Mid season, Medium-sized golden yellow, sweet crisp and bland flavour.

Peasgood nonesuch - Mid season, Heritage apple - enormous apples, sweetly juicy, cream flesh, good dessert or cooker

Fuji - Late season,Large flattish golden, red shaded skin with pink stripe. Crisp, juicy, firm flesh, good flavour

Tydemans late orange - late season,

Reinette du Canada - Late season, Old French apple, good keeper, dull green skin, often russeted. Flesh firm and slightly dry with good sharp flavour. Cooker or dessert.

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